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It's LoMenzo, not LoRenzo......

Hello!  Let me introduce us. We are Peter and Elaine Lomenzo, owners of Lomenzo Properties, a boutique real estate firm located in Dennis, MA on Cape Cod. 

For years now, we have good-naturedly endured the constant mispronunciation of our surname.  The time has come to set the record straight!  (Notice I judiciously did not say "for once and for all" as I am quite sure this will not be the last time and certainly have no hopes of it being for ALL!) The name is Lomenzo with an "M", not Lorenzo.  OK.  Done. Thank you.

It may seem like a petty thing to want one's name pronounced correctly, but apparently it is such a societal problem that Carnegie Melon University has a dedicated webpage to it.  Check it out!

So now  that's off our chests....just one more thing.  My name?  It's Elaine, not LORRAINE!  OK. Done. Thank you.


Memorial Day 2008 on Cape Cod

I am sitting at my desk watching the volume of traffic steadily increase on Route 6A in Dennis Village.  Our real estate office is located in a very charming building in the heart of the Village - the perfect spot from which to watch the Cape Cod world go by! 

And this is when that world really kicks into gear - "The Season" we call it.  All winter long we stare out at the empty roads, deserted beaches, shops and restaurants.  (We don't always mind that, by the way! ) But this is what it's all about.  The hope of SUMMER that begins with Memorial Day Weekend!

A steady stream of traffic continues in response to the weather forecast for this weekend - SUN! SUN and more SUN!  Finally!  A weekend without RAIN!  And not just any weekend - THE weekend that begins "The Season" - Summer 2008 on Cape Cod has begun.  Yahoo!



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