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Mid-Cape Real Estate 2008, Part 3: Alfred Hitchcock has nothing on us!!

At 4:30 a.m. this morning, I was awakened by the birds ......again.  The VERY LOUD twitter of birds outside our bedroom windows.  In my annoyance, I was reminded of the fact that Cape Cod in general (and my backyard in particular!) are veritable bird sanctuaries!  (As is the case with one of the lovely properties we represent,  the backyard of which is a bird paradise.  In fact, so much so that just this afternoon, we had a prospective buyer who said the bird noise drove her crazy! The husband loved it, however.  They are, as I write this, sitting in the driveway, windows rolled down, listening to the bird noise and trying to decide if it's a "deal killer".)

Although I cannot say that I am exactly a "birder", I do appreciate their presence and beauty.  I have often told myself that I would become more educated on our native birds, but so far have just been a curious bystander in their daily antics in my yard.  On the flip side, all is not rosy with our feathered firends The danger they can pose was the subject of a recent Cape Cod Times article  which dealt with the problem of attacking hawks!

The Cape is home to over 300 species of birds and "birding" has become a very popular pastime in this area.  There is a store in Orleans, The Birdwatcher's General Store, dedicated to this pursuit.  Also, in Brewster The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History has a wonderful display of native birds and is well worth the trip to see the museum's marsh view room which gives you an up close look at the life of an osprey family.

I'm thinking that when I do get to know my native birds a little better, I may ask them if they could sleep in a little later...... say until 7-ish?



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