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Becoming Exempt Without Being Extinct!

The Historic Act provides property owners with some legitimate "short cuts" to receive approval to make changes to their properties.  The so-called Exemptions are a mere paper work, administrative request to do a myriad of historically natural additions to a property.  The list is extensive and includes Fences under 4' high (including vinyl), spit rails vertical picket fences, vertical flat board fences with cap rails 4-6 inches wide in white or natural finishes. Hedges under 4' high are also in the category of Exemptions.  Flag poles under 25' high of natural wood, fiberglass or aluminum in white.

 Arbors, Trellises under 9' high can also be applied for under the Act.    Many different roofs using Architectural wood-style shingles in black, gray or weatherwood along with natural wooden cedar my be allowed provided there is no more than 5" of exposure to the weather.  Stone wall not exceeding 30 inches using natural fieldstone can be requested.

 Finally, a Shed of wooden construction less than 120 square feet with a distinct similarity to your main house are eligible for the Exemption.

 In all cases, apply for the Exemption as the law is written that the Committee "may" grant an Exemption for these type additions or improvements.   The Historic Committee may also grant exemptions in cases where the small changes are not visible from any public place.

So take the short cuts when they are available and you'll be exempt!

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