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Protecting the "Place and Setting" is What Makes the Cape, The Cape!

Promoting the general welfare of the inhabitants of the Cape Cod towns governed by the Historic Act through preservation and protection of buildings, settings and places is the true purpose of the Historic Act of 1973.  Throughout this historic region, the idea is to preserve and maintain the cultural landmarks of Barnstable County with its traditions of history that existed in the early days of Cape Cod.

 Guiding the decisions of Historic Committees is an acute awareness of the individual places and settings in which our properties exist.  Each neighborhood is unique and special in its own way.  Therefore, it is important to determine if a design for a home or renovation is in keeping with a specific group of homes in that local setting or address.  The best way to determine that answer is to stand in the front yard of your property and slowly turn 360 degrees to see what your "setting" is all about.  The types of home designs, materials, colors and landscaping will give you a good idea of what will fit in naturally to your particular place and setting. 

Of course, the reason we all love Cape Cod so much is because of the way it looks.  Our ancestors knew how to build a vacation community whose architectural features soothe the soul and eyes of visitors and home owners for generations. 


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