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The Fun in Fenestration!

The dictionary definition is an important start to understanding the importance of windows in the historic district:


Fen-es-tra-tion - Noun

The design and disposition of windows and other exterior openings of a building.



Windows, doors, entrances, sliders, French doors, bay windows, box bays, bump-outs, eyebrows, palladian, half-round, elliptical, transom, true divided lights, casements, double hung. Wow!  Talk about options.


Windows are a wonderful part of the décor and design of an historic home.  In order to meet the concerns of the Historic District, the fenestration can take many forms, as long as it maintains the historic appearance that is part of the Cape.  Windows in most cases will need to have a grill configuration or pattern which the divides the window into smaller panes-hence the divided light.  The grill pattern can be as simple on a double hung window as 2 over 1 or as unique and antique as the romantic 12 over 12.


The shape and relative size of the window plus the use of either double hung or casements can have a significant impact on the design.  In most cases, the ability to preserve the view or to maximize the natural light will be a key factor in what type of window design works best for your home.


With the current energy crisis and high costs of heating homes the use of modern thermal pane windows is increasing in popularity within the Historic District.  Since Cape Codders are a frugal bunch, the Act has always encouraged the vinyl "replacement" windows which can often be approved through an Exemption application.


So have fun when you fenestrate!




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The Party's Over! Labor Day on Cape Cod 2008

It literally seems like last week that I posted our Memorial Day blog - it was, in fact, over three months ago! Living and working in a resort community offers a bit of a twist on the age old question - where did the time go?  While visitors are cavorting on our exqusite beaches, we continue living our "work-a-day" lives, oblivious some days to the passing of summer.  And before we know it, here we are - Labor Day 2008!

The cool air comes in almost overnight, the beaches are all but deserted (as are the restaurants!) and we can once again get out of our Route 6A parking lot without the endless stream of cars.  By the way, we would gladly give  it all up for just one more sunny, warm weekend at Corporation Beach!

Did I mention how exquisite FALL is on Cape Cod??  Stay tuned........