Blog :: 10-2008

Autumn on Cape Cod: Things to Do!

I know for sure that the Summer 2009 season on Cape Cod has now officially ended.  You may think it ends on Labor Day, but you would be wrong in that assumption.   Not until The Ice Cream Smuggler in Dennis Village closes for the season is Summer REALLY over for those of us who live here.  That happened last night, as "Smuggs" as we call it, served its last pint of ice cream and closed its doors, not to re-open until April 2009. 

But does that mean that the Cape itself rolls up the carpet?  Not at all!!! Autumn on Cape Cod is one of the most glorious seasons here!  What is there to do once the temperature dips below 70 degrees?  Plenty!

1.  VISIT YOUR FAVORITE BEACH now that the crowds are gone, you can get a parking space and you have the place pretty much to yourself.  Beaches off season are a whole new experience!

2.  All those ANTIQUE STORES you didn't have time to stop at all summer await you!  Route 6A offers hundreds of antique shops with treasures beyond measure!

3. Check out our fine cache of MUSEUMS, most notably the Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis which the New York Times has called a "jewel" among our country's small museums.  Not to be missed!

4.  This is the time of year to visit all those RESTAURANTS that were too crowded in July and August!  The Brewster Fish House, Buca's in Harwich, Gina's by the Sea in Dennis - all well worth the trip and you might actually be able to get in with less than an hour wait!

Autumn on Cape Cod is fabulous!  Come and visit and discover your own reasons to enjoy October on the Cape!


Mid-Cape Real Estate 2008 Part 4: Holding our Own!

Back in August, I posted a blog commenting on the dramatic increase in sales activity in the Mid-Cape real estate market, pondering what was going on?  Well, here we are exactly 2 months later, and I'm here to tell you that in comparison to the rest of the country, we are more than holding our own!

As relates to the general real estate market in the US, Cape Cod being a resort community makes us a bit of anomaly to start with. Then you have the appeal of the Mid-Cape area in particular.  A snapshot of activity at Lomenzo Properties in the past few weeks:  Received four new listings the week of September 10 in the $400K to $700K price range - three of the four are currently under agreement.  What's going on, you might ask?  How can that be in THIS market?  We, of course, would attribute it to what we call THE LOMENZO EDGE, that certain proprietary strength that we bring to every transaction.  Beyond that, the Mid-Cape market remains strong with Buyers continuing to show up and Sellers continuing to make deals.  Since August 1, 2008, there have been 156 single family homes SOLD in the Mid-Cape towns of Dennis, Yarmouth and Brewster ranging from $145,000 to $2,375,000.  Not bad for a DOWN market!

The moral of this story is:  Don't believe everything you read or hear via the mainstream media!  We are living this real estate market every day and we can tell you that the Cape Cod Real Estate market continues to hold its own, despite the dire economic news.