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What The Historic Committee Had To Say About Christy's on 6A in Dennis

 A recent Historic Committee meeting reviewed the application for a CHRISTY'S MARKET on Route 6A and Old Bass River Road in Dennis Village.  The Committee had several comments for Christy's that would make the proposed renovations much more appropriate for that very historic setting.

For the main structure, suggested changes included changing the color of the clapboard to a historic grey or white.  Some changes were proposed for the trim and window configuration which included additional grills. THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHANGES were to the canopy over the gasoline pumps.  Primarily, the length or mass of the canopy needed to be shortened or "broken up" to reduce the appearance of length.  This could be accomplished by dividing the length in thirds and raising the middle section.  The canopy will also be farther from the street than in the current canopy on the vacated property.

LIGHTING will be done IN ACCORDANCE with the International Dark Sky recommendations to reduce light pollution.  Additionally, the only sign on the property including window signs will be on the curb which may be raised slightly to create an additional barrier.  Some discussion also including additional landscaping to screen the property.

 All in all, a very good discussion.



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