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When Historic Guidelines Really are GOOD for you!

So you are trying to get something done to improve your property but dread the local Town Boards will just say "no."  Your stomach tightens and your palms perspire at the thought of asking for "approval" from say, the Historic Committee, to do something on your own property - like a screened porch or a pair of dormers to give you some extra bedrooms!  Right? Well fear not!!

The purpose of the Historic Act is to help property owners accomplish what they want within the guidelines.  That's it.  The Historic Committee is supposed to HELP you.  That help may come in many ways.  Often, a suggestion to increase the size of a window, move a skylight to the rear of the home, add a deck and stairs with some camouflaging lattice work or shrubs makes sense and really looks much more appropriate.  Changing grill configurations, trim details and even placement on the property can make all the difference in achieving Board approval and frequently can save you lots of money.

So, when you present your ideas, ask for help, suggestions and guidance.  The Board is there to provide an impartial evaluation of your request and constructive suggestions on how to make your property more beautiful and more valuable.  You may be too close to see the forest for the trees.  The Board will see advantages in matching certain architectural features on your house with a proposed guest house, shed or pool house. 

Don't be afraid to ask for help and be willing to incorporate good guidance. That's what we're there for!


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