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More Good News for Traditional Cape Cod Industry!

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A few blogs back, I reported on some rare GOOD ECONOMIC NEWS for Cape Cod, namely the bright future for the Cape Cod scallop industry.  Today we have further good news pertaining to another quintessential Cod Cod industry, boat building. 

According to the Cape Cod Times, Pease Boat Works in Chatham is celebrating a winter of work for its staff after a previous spring and summer that were the "slowest in 20 years".  The company is building a boat called a Magic Class 30, a 40 foot sailboat designed by Nantucket sailor, Alfred Sanford, for cruising and racing.

 Yesterday was the day they "flipped the hull", apparently a difficult task to perform successfully.  The operation took about two hours, mainly accomplished by a decidedly low tech method of pulleys and rolling logs.  My favorite line was boatyard owner Brad Pease proclaiming "This is the way the Egyptians did the pyramids!"

The main point of the article was the fact that even in this economy, there are still people out there who want boats built,much to the delight of Cape Cod boatyard owners. The Magic Class 30 reportedly will cost $750,000 to build and will require 5,000 to 6,000 hours of labor, leaving Pease Boat Works personnel feeling "very blessed".  I would say so!!


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