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Mid-Cape Neighborhood Sales Data: January/February 2009

The following is recent real estate sales data for the Mid-Cape villages of Dennis, East Dennis and South Dennis.

Neighborhood Sales Activity

January 1, 2009 - February 15, 2009

(As reported by Cape Cod & Islands MLS and other sources)

    List Price Sale Price SP%LP
53 Pilgrim Rd Dennis 559,000 535,000 96
16 Simmons Pond West Rd East Dennis 224,900 235,000 104
59 Braddock Cir East Dennis 299,900 235,000 78
10 Cassidy Ave South Dennis 224,900 190,000 84
8 Freydis Dr South Dennis 229,900 212,000 92
33 Oldbury Pl South Dennis 229,000 221,000 97
28 Farm Ln South Dennis 399,000 370,000 93
44 Chandler Dr South Dennis 499,900 485,000 97

Now view current listings in the above areas:

What's the State of Cape Cod Real Estate?

a typical desirable Cape Cod home- contact Lomenzo Properties for other examplesOn Wednesday morning this week, readers of the Cape Cod Times were greeted with a front page article about the current state of the Cape Cod real estate market.

As reported, year-to-year January sales Cape-wide indicated a significant decline in unit sales and median prices. In the mid-Cape area specifically, unit sales declined by 25% and median prices declined by 22%, compared to Cape-wide statistics of -28% in property sales and a 15% decline in median price.

On this website, we will provide updated sales data on a monthly basis . Our last blog contains sales data for 4th quarter 2008.  View it now at

No matter what the "experts" say, we remain  committed to our marketing campaign on  behalf of our Seller clients and have recently experienced a significant increase in buyer activity. In our experience, and this year has been no exception, the "Spring market" on Cape Cod begins on Super Bowl Monday which has just passed. We here at Lomenzo  Properties look forward to a very vibrant Spring market.

As always, we'll keep you posted on changes in market conditions.

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