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Cape Cod in Winter: Magical!

A recent article in the NY Times about winter on the Cape, brought me back to when we first moved here 12 years ago.  To this day, the word I use to describe my experience about winter on Cape Cod is SERENITY.  Coming from Los Angeles as we were, it was remarkable to me that there existed a place so lovely where you could be alone if you chose, be SILENT if you chose and take an early morning walk on the beach and not encounter a single soul.  Absolute Nirvana for someone coming from the jam-packed cacophony of Los Angeles!

As Spring approaches, there is a bit (and ONLY a bit!) of wistfulness about the waning winter.  There is something magical about this little part of the world at this time of year, a stark beauty to the grayness of the landscape, the red-tailed hawk soaring low over my snow-covered lawn, bracing against the frigid wind on an early morning beach run. 

On the other hand (and there is ALWAYS another hand) it makes Summer on the Cape all the more spectacular!  Winter makes non-Cape Codders think ahead to SUMMER!  Rentals for the Summer 2009 season have been booking up for months.  Summer IS coming......eventually.  But there is sure to be a bit more of winter to ENJOY! :)


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