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Where to settle on Cape Cod....the age old dilemma!

Dunes at Sandy Neck Beach, West Barnstable, Image via Wikipedia

Long time clients of ours arrived in town last week to look for their next Cape Cod home.  We had sold their Dennis waterfront property back in December and they were now ready to begin looking again.  "Where should we look?" they asked.  "WHAT??!! We thought you were only interested in Dennis, the town you've vacationed in for 25 years!" Despite our surprise, we had to admit that it was a relevant question. A lot of things can change in 25 years!

It's fun to think of how our forefathers, post 1492, made their decision as to where on Cape Cod to settle. Needless to say their needs & wants were quite different than ours would be today.  Can't remember the last time  I've  had a client list "fertiile soil" as one of their top ten criteria!

But there are considerationts to be made even today. Every Cape Cod town has a unique character.  Some are more historic,  offering old sea captains' homes on every block, some offer what we call "Village life", where you can walk to everything - restaurants, bookstores, band concerts, ice cream.  And some are strictly beach communities, where the beach is all there is unless you want to get in your car and drive to the closest town.  Still others are no where near the beach, but offer golf, cultural activities and other less summer-oriented pursuits.  (I am always amused by the occasional client, looking for a home here, who proclaims "Oh we don't need to be near the beach.  In fact, we never go to the beach!)

The demographics of the Cape suggest that there are many different considerations for someone moving here, either full or part time.  A good place to start is to look at your goal.  are you retiring to the Cape?  Are you looking to raise your young family here?  Will this be strictly a vacation home for you and your family?  Depending on the answers to these questions,  you will begin to formulate a plan for which towns/villages most speak to your requirements.

Rest assured that there is something for everyone here on Cape Cod.  And remember one of our favorite sayings (that tends to be repeated more regularly in these times) "Even on your worst day, you're still living on CAPE COD!"