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The Serenity Prayer and Selling Your House!

Serenity Prayer

When we make a  listing presentation to a prospective seller, one of the issues we always discuss is "Factors Relevant to Determining the Value of Your Property"" in which we deal with the facts of the current market and the things over which we and the Seller have no control.    Which really means that you have to ACCEPT certain facets of the current real estate market if you are going to list your home for sale.  I was reminded of this  when I came across  this article that speaks to the same matter  -  takes the simplicity of the well-known Serenity Prayer and applies it to the process of selling your home!  Acceptance, courage and wisdom - a great strategy in these times.  Remember, thousands of homes sold yesterday and thousands more will sell today. The right approach and attitude  will help make yours one of them!


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