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November-December Sales Data for Dennis, MA Real Estate

Sales in the five villages of Dennis created a new threshold this month as not one property sold  for an amount over  $600,000.    Further, the majority of sales are in the south side villages of Dennisport, South Dennis, and West Dennis indicating a continuing demand for lower priced properties.

Neighborhood Sales Activity
November 19, 2011 through December 17, 2011
Address List Price Sell Price % Diff
23 Captain Prestons Rd Dennis 325,000 307,000 94
125 Whig St Dennis 529,000 500,000 95
103 Corporation Rd Dennis 639,000 592,000 93
230 Old Wharf Rd Dennis Port 65,000 62,500 96
10 Morris Rd Dennis Port 319,900 300,000 94
11 Carver Rd East Dennis 255,000 240,500 94
52 Funn Pond Rd East Dennis 349,052 316,000 91
318 Airline Rd South Dennis 209,900 185,000 88
24 Alexander Dr South Dennis 199,000 198,000 100
60 Dorothy Way South Dennis 225,000 205,000 91
53 Cedar Ln South Dennis 225,000 225,000 100
34 Holly St South Dennis 234,900 228,000 97
3 Piccadilly Rd South Dennis 264,500 235,000 89
282 Center St South Dennis 299,000 267,000 89
29 Saga Rd South Dennis 279,900 272,000 97
488 Old Chatham Rd South Dennis 425,350 420,500 99
23 Jays Dr South Dennis 469,000 435,000 93
507 Main St South Dennis 495,000 477,000 96
20 Regan Rd West Dennis 259,000 238,000 92
145 School St West Dennis 324,000 293,000 90
20 Surfside Rd West Dennis 499,900 455,000 91
60 Garfield Ln West Dennis 569,000 500,000 88



Time for Christmas Strolls on Cape Cod!

Every year at this time various Cape Cod villages go all out with their annual Christmas Strolls  - and it is worth the trip here to experience them!!  No one does Christmas like Cape Cod - right out of Currier and Ives :)

Here  are a few highlights in the Mid-cape area:

Sunday December 4:

BREWSTER FOR THE HOLIDAYS - 2:00 P.M. Cape Cod Museum of Natural History - Family Party! Santa, story telling, exhibits, music crafts.    Tree and Windmill lighting Friday at 4 in Drummer Boy Park !

YARMOUTH PORT CHRISTMAS STROLL 1-4 p.m.  Businesses, restaurants and residents are decorated for the holidays along Route 6A.  Treats and music of the season!  Tree lighting on  the common at 4:15 p.m.

CHATHAM CHRISTMAS BY THE SEA  - Events kick off with Santa's arrival at the Fish Pier, Shore Rd. followed by Chatham Town Band and an evening of dinner and dancing at Chatham Bars Inn.

Sunday, December 11:

DENNIS VILLAGE CHRISTMAS STROLL - 1-4 p.m.  The Village is transformed into a winter wonderland, with Santa AND Mrs. Claus and the not-to-be-missed annual craft fair at the Dennis Memorial Library.  And don't forget to visit us here at Lomenzo Properties for a sprig of FRESH MISTLETOE!



  1. eileen lucey on

    The dates for the christmas strolls in dennis and yarmouthport are wrong Dec 4 and 11 are on Tuesdays not Sundays.
    • crimsonchilla on

      If the previous game is too adventurous for you, simply try flapping a blanket in the air above your ferret as if you were fluttering a bed sheet over a mattress. Instead of courting athlete's foot, you should at least try to train your ferret to use a litter box. They come in brown, black, white, or mixed fur with some having a "raccoon like" mask around their eyes.

      October - November Sales Data for Dennis, MA Real Estate


      Here is the October/November sales data for the five villages of Dennis.   Unit sales across the 5 Villages of Dennis declined by -1%  as the median price continued to decline -8% year-to-date.  Interestingly, 86% of sales for the past month were under $700,000.  For the first time this year,  no sales occurred over $ 1,000,000.




      Neighborhood Sales Activity
      October 17 through November 18, 2011
      Address List Price Sell Price % Diff
      68 Long Hill Rd Dennis 298,900 285,000 95
      35 Princess PA Dennis 599,000 570,000 95
      12 Dunes View Rd Dennis 725,000 645,000 89
      44 Silverleaf Dennis 979,900 968,000 99
      10 Ezra Ln Dennis 1,149,533 950,000 83
      11 Indian Chief Dennis Port 129,000 119,000 92
      32 Myrtle Rd Dennis Port 259,900 251,000 97
      2 Gages Ln Dennis Port 270,000 270,000 100
      18 Cross St Dennis Port 335,000 320,000 96
      30 Center St Dennis Port 349,000 322,000 92
      10 High Head Rd East Dennis 384,500 370,000 96
      124 Forest Pines Dr East Dennis 399,000 392,000 98
      23 Lombard Way East Dennis 538,800 505,000 94
      25 Quivet Dr East Dennis 599,000 569,000 95
      33 Dr Lords Rd East Dennis 997,000 970,000 97
      46 Debbie Ln South Dennis 160,000 140,000 88
      5 Coach House Ln South Dennis 179,900 182,500 101
      256 Old Bass River Rd South Dennis 199,900 190,000 95
      295 Old Bass River Rd South Dennis 226,295 220,000 97
      23 Charing Cross Rd South Dennis 249,500 225,100 90
      16 Elton Pl South Dennis 289,000 267,500 93
      29 Windsor Ave South Dennis 299,900 287,000 96
      31 Jays Dr South Dennis 399,900 395,000 99
      31 Chandler Dr South Dennis 399,000 399,000 100
      10 Beach Rd West Dennis 349,900 320,000 91
      11 Scott Tyler Rd West Dennis 359,000 345,000 96
      71 Cove Rd West Dennis 589,000 530,000 90
      27 Porter Ln West Dennis 599,000 543,000 91
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        September - October Sales Data for Dennis, MA Real Estate

        Estate Property in Dennis Village $750,000




        Here is the latest sales data for the five villages of Dennis.


        September kickedoff a different Fall market than in previous years, as properties sold in price categories above $1,000,000 and above $3,000,000 for the first time all year. The overall Dennis market saw price declines of 9.3% YTD while sales volume increased 5.8%.  Buyers are continuing their pursuit of value and appear willing to take advantage of low interest rates.



        Neighborhood Sales Activity
        September 18 through October 18, 2011
        Address List Price Sell Price % Diff
        174 South Yarmouth Rd Dennis 195,000 175,000 90
        12 Mooring Ln Dennis 275,000 260,000 95
        6 Billingsgate Rd Dennis 499,000 488,300 98
        3 Curtis Ln Dennis 625,000 620,000 99
        42 Princess PA Dennis 699,000 680,000 97
        10 Cutter Ln Dennis 1,290,000 915,000 71
        62 Seaside Ave Dennis 1,479,000 1,350,000 91
        18 Smith St Dennis Port 250,000 246,000 98
        38 Barnard Rd Dennis Port 279,900 265,000 95
        35 Center St Dennis Port 285,000 285,000 100
        11 Nipigon Way West Dennis Port 307,000 296,000 96
        174 Old Wharf Rd Dennis Port 329,900 300,000 91
        14 Timber Ln East Dennis 292,500 269,000 92
        59 Braddock Cir East Dennis 300,000 287,500 96
        63 Quivet Dr East Dennis 359,000 335,000 93
        39 Cedar Hill Rd East Dennis 344,000 340,000 99
        1214-A  Route 6A East Dennis 445,000 420,000 94
        131 Bakers Pond Rd East Dennis 549,000 515,000 94
        36 Old Sailors Way South Dennis 150,000 167,000 111
        39 Hickory Ln South Dennis 184,900 174,000 94
        58 Freydis Dr South Dennis 219,900 209,000 95
        26 Freydis Dr South Dennis 226,900 216,000 95
        6 Country Cir South Dennis 235,000 220,000 94
        11 Bass River Ln South Dennis 255,000 255,000 100
        48 Viking Dr South Dennis 275,000 260,000 95
        129 Mayfair Rd South Dennis 349,000 317,500 91
        21 Chadwick Rd South Dennis 374,000 360,000 96
        99 South Village Rd West Dennis 279,000 263,500 94
        12 Wheatfield Ln West Dennis 3,500,000 3,150,000 90

        Lomenzo Properties Announces New Sales Associate!

        The Lomenzo Properties' team  is very pleased to announce our new sales associate, Cara McLaughlin Joly. A 2003 Boston College graduate, Cara's love and knowledge of the Cape comes from spending summers here with her family since she was young.  In addition to her real estate sales background, Cara brings her clients the creativity developed during her time in the marketing and design department of a major Boston real estate developer.

        You can contact Cara at 508-385-4944.

        August - September Sales Data For Dennis, MA Real Estate

        Here is the latest sales data for the five villages of Dennis.    As prices decline over 11% year-to-date, sales volume remains flat as compared to 2010.  However, as you see, the majority of properties are selling below $500,000.  Buyer preferences continue to drive the market.  Even given these facts, fall activity at Lomenzo Properties is brisk!
        Neighborhood Sales Activity
        August 18, 2011 through September 18, 2011
        Address List Price Sell Price % Diff
        35 Ox Bow Way Dennis 339,000 300,000 89
        65 Robbins Cir Dennis 439,900 392,500 89
        62 Packet Dr Dennis 595,000 550,000 92
        55 Bain Rd Dennis Port 169,000 153,000 91
        19 Myrtle Rd Dennis Port 248,310 227,500 92
        39 Capt Chase Rd Dennis Port 274,900 260,000 95
        111 Cornell Dr Dennis Port 279,900 279,000 100
        8 Clipper Ln Dennis Port 299,900 290,000 97
        70 Uncle Rolf Dennis Port 335,000 321,000 96
        26 Ocean Dr Dennis Port 399,000 375,000 94
        59 Braddock Cir East Dennis 300,000 287,500 96
        33 Sea Meadow Dr East Dennis 425,000 415,000 98
        154 Forest Hills Dr East Dennis 499,000 499,000 100
        132 Bakers Pond Rd East Dennis 599,000 550,000 92
        39 Hickory Ln South Dennis 184,900 174,000 94
        19 Pheasant Ln South Dennis 249,900 230,000 92
        3 Country Cir South Dennis 249,900 240,000 96
        140 Trotting Park Road West Dennis 199,900 200,000 100
        40 Tower Rd West Dennis 289,000 277,000 96
        16 Brooksweld Ln West Dennis 424,900 405,000 95
        28 Garfield Ln West Dennis 550,000 476,305 87



        5 Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Fall Market!

        Check out this article  from one of our trusted industry sources.  Think about putting your Cape house on the market this fall instead of waiting until the Spring or longer.   Makes perfect sense to us.........

        by The KCM Crew on September 6, 2011 · 14 comments

        We are often asked "Is it time to sell my home?" The answer to that question is based on what your families' goals are. If you don't need or want to move for a few years it might make sense to wait for the housing industry to recover and prices to appreciate. However, if you wish to move within the next six to eighteen months, it is probably better to sell sooner rather than later. Here are five reasons why:

        Your House Will Get More Exposure Now Than the Winter

        Housing sales usually level off in the summer and then regain momentum in September and October. The spring buyers' market has passed. Don't miss the early fall market. It has consistently outperformed the winter season.

        Distressed Properties Will Impact Prices

        Distressed properties (foreclosures and short sales) on the market will increase this fall and winter. This will put tremendous downward pressure on prices for at least the next 12-18 months. Get your home sold before they become your competition.

        Mortgages Will Become More Difficult to Attain

        Lending standards are continuing to tighten. There is legislation currently being considered that will make it even harder for buyers to qualify. Less demand will equate to lower prices.

        It is the Perfect Time to Move-Up

        With prices where they are and interest rates at all time lows, there may have never been a better time to move-up into your dream home. If you move into a more desirable home now, you will be in position to gain larger equity as prices eventually appreciate.

        You Get to Move On with Your Life

        Probably the most important reason to sell is so you can get on with your life. You are considering selling for a reason. Do not allow a less-than-stellar housing market prevent you from reaching your goals as an individual or as a family. Think about the reasons you are thinking about moving. Are these reasons really important to you? If you have to take less than you were originally hoping to get for your house, your family has a question to ask each other: Is the dollar difference in sales price worth putting off our plans? Only you and your family know the answer to that question.




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          Cape Happenings- 5 Things To Do on Cape Cod August 20-26

          Sandcastle Competition

          Image by vpickering via Flickr

          August 20-21. Dennis Summerfest! A much-loved tradition in all the Villages and includes: an old-fashioned field day, steet chalk art, the famous sandcastle contest, craft fairs, fireworks and roasted marshmallows and more. FREE. Times on website, all Dennis Villages.

          August 21. Outdoor Concert in the Park. The Brewster Band will be performing their annual concert series at Drummer Boy Park on Route 6A in Brewster. Bring a blanket, chair and a picnic dinner and enjoy an evening of music by the bay. FREE. 6 pm,  Brewster.

          August 22. "Unnecessary Farce". Two cops. Three crooks. Eight doors. And.....Go! In a cheap motel room, an embezzling mayor is supposed to meet with his female accountant, while in the room next door, two undercover cops wait to catch the meeting on videotape. But who's in which room, who's being videotaped, who's taken the money, who's hired a hit man, and why does the accountant keep taking off her clothes? $40+ evenings - Mon thru Sat at 8:00 pm; matinees: wed & 2nd thurs at 2:00 pm, 1st Saturday at 4:00 pm.

          August 23. Flower Show at Josiah Dennis Manse. Hosted by the Village Garden Club of Dennis, visitors will enjoy an assortment of floral arrangements and horticulture displays, which will be provided by members of the garden club. FREE, but donations are appreciated. 10am-4pm. 77 Nobscussett Rd, Dennis.

          August 25. Cape Cod Museum of Art. Head to this beautiful museum in the heart of Dennis Village. Browse through the current exhibitions. Malcolm Shriber's MATRYOSHKA DOLLS (Russian nesting dolls); The Art of Cape Cod; "The Great Silence", a piece constructed out of beeswax, tree resin, muslin, brass, steel and nylon line, landscapes, and "Chasing the Light." Stop by the gift shop, sign up for classes, or sit in the garden with your coffee or book. $8. Hours on website, Hope Ln. in Dennis Village.

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          Cape Happenings - 5 Things to Do on Cape Cod August 13 - 19

          August 13. Dennis Union Church Auction. The much-anticipated auction by Eldred's Auction. Bazaar with toys, tools, jewelry, furniture and much more! Summer cookout food available throughout. Dennis Village Green , 9-2 (auction begins at 10).  Free admission

          August 13.  Alice in Wonderland Tea Party! Join Alice and her friends in the enchanted meadow behind the Yarmouth Port Post Office on Route 6A. Refreshments will be served.  Fancy dress is suggested. Tickets $20 per person, members and their guest $15. Yarmouthport, 2-4 pm. For reservations, call 508-362-3021.

          August 15-19. Woodsong Farm pony kids camp! Have a horse-crazy child in your family? Or one that wants to learn about horses? Sign up for this camp and choose from morning or afternoon programs, Monday-Friday, Tuesday & Thursday, or Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Our daughter's love for riding came from this program many summers ago--we highly recommend it.

          August 16.  "Tom Sawyer" at the Harwich Junior Theater. A spectacular rendition of the classic summer tale of childhood and what it means to grow up. Harwich, show times on website.

          August 18.  "Sarah's Key" at the Cape Cinema. Treat yourself to a wonderful theatre-going experience at this fabulous  Cinema.  The riveting film based on the novel by Tatiana de Rosnay delves deep into the roundup of Jews in Paris in 1942 and an American journalist's ties to a little girl named Sarah. PG-13. Dennis Village. Thursday is final showing, but plays all week.

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